Auteure & Metteuse en scène
Rocio Berenguer
Born in 1987 in Spain,
Rocio Berenguer has been living in France since 2012 and is interested in the major challenges and changes of our contemporary world - including the evolution of spaces of individual freedom within our society, the place of technology in our daily lives, environmental issues... Whether in Homeostasis#V2, focusing on the dialogue between human and artificial intelligence, in Ergonomics, inspired by the world of start-ups or in G5, about the threats to the future of humanity and species diversity, her creations are forward-looking fictions that explore the possibility of «another tomorrow». They also implicitly refer to our contemporary neuroses.
For each creation,
Rocio begins a work of investigation and dialogue with scientists that generates a text that then matches with other materials, preferring to hybridize different mediums - text, dance, videos, digital art - rather than restrict herself to a single practice. The use of new technologies that are very present in her work is not a fascination but a desire to integrate them into poetic writing while questioning how these technologies, omnipresent in our lives, modify our interpersonal relationships. In the end, it is the body that is the centre and the point of convergence of her work. The body visited by the social codes of behaviour, the body at the centre of identity, representation and desire issues. The body threatened in its freedom and sovereignty by the arrangements of neocapitalism, the body as territory to be reclaimed.
Among the latest creations by Rocio Berenguer,
we can quote Stéthoscope, Memo, Corps/non-lieu (Winner of the 1st prize in the Biennale «Les Bains Numériques»), Homeostasis#V2, Ergonomics, Coexistence, G5. Her work is performed in France and internationally. She is in a research residency at the Enghien-les-Bains Arts Centre, a state funded centre specialized in digital arts, and at the Hexagone, scène nationale de Meylan. She is an associate artist at the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération, Centre Dramatique National de Lyon directed by Joris Mathieu, until 2021.
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